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I am Liutauras, man, son, father, friend, neighbor…. Same as you. Only for me, fate paved a slightly different path.

Biography of Liutauras Viktorinas is unusual. In year 2009 he was diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy of later stage. This disease is uncurable by modern medicine. Doctors believed that Liutauras’s condition is extremely critical and that it will lead to the lethal end. Half of his body was paralyzed, he had almost lost his eyesight, inner organs had ceased to function properly. Liutauras went through coma many times.

Because of his poor hopeless condition doctors sent him to the hospital in Vilnius that was called “valley of death”. The place got this nickname because only patients who were meant to die were sent there.

Doctors assessed that Liutauras would survive in the “valley of death” around one weak. Despite these grim predictions after 6 months Liutauras left the hospital on his own feet.


During my illness, I also lost my memory, I could no longer remember half of my life. I learned to walk and shop again. I didn’t understand what money means, what spring means. After the illness, when I first went out into the field, I wanted to meet spring. I wanted to feel spring. Everything grows, spreads. I love spring very much. After the illness, I survived the spring myself. As if I was reborn after a long winter. Thoughts, body, feelings regenerated. Energy awakens.
Being in a coma, I interacted with the Creator. I asked to bring me back to life and asked, “Under what conditions do you give me back the opportunity to live?” He tells me, “On the condition that you have been fighting for life all your life.” I answered, “I agree. Just keep me alive. ”
Then I had myself in mind. It was only later that I realised that life is not just my life, or only my life matters. Every man has the same life, the whole world is full of it. There is a part of God in every human being.


From that moment on, I share the wisdom passed on to me by the Creator with the ability to help people.
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