PublicationsFeelings – a medicine for depression. Meditation practices and energy.

Feelings – a medicine for depression. Meditation practices and energy.

Feelings are the engine of life, this is a gift to us. Feelings of love and joy. Only feelings can lead us out of the tangled labyrinth and heal depression. Many people fall into this maze. They knock on one wall, go looking further, knock again and so on, spinning in this maze without finding a way out.

I was given life up to 30 years. I walked through the labyrinth, solving something, with a sore head, tired. And life didn’t seem so beautiful back then. I was in a maze. And I had to get out of it.

And people ask me: How did you manage to get out, Liutauras?

I always answer: I turned on the feelings. They gave me the map that pointed to the exit. And I came out of this maze happy. When we get out of this state, we feel happy, we feel open.

On the topic of depression, I want to say that people need to stop comparing themselves to others. What the other has, that he is better than me. Nobody is better than us and we are not better than others. This is him and this is me.

When we compare ourselves, we get into a state of depression, a state of greed and envy, and so on. It destroys a person from the inside.

Why does spring depression exist?

During the winter, people stay at home more, more closed. There is less light outside. Everyone in hats, sweaters, jackets. And now people are wearing masks, only their eyes are visible. This way we see not much difference between people. Once the spring comes, a person starts to see nature coming to life, people rejoice, girls in skirts, guys in T-shirts and shorts. Opening windows, driving, listening to music, sitting on benches, talking, laughing. Enjoying warmer weather. The couples walk hand in hand.

And people with depression cannot do all this, because they are squeezed here inside, in their souls. In principle, they would like to enjoy and rejoice like others, but they do not have the mood. Why is there no mood? Because in winter this person did nothing to make him feel good in spring. He only did things that made him feel bad. The man winds himself up.

It’s like smoking. Starts with one cigarette. A person thinks that he will quit tomorrow, but tomorrow he has already smoked two. And so, he looks, he already smokes a pack a day. And he can’t quit. Same with winding yourself up. A person thinks: oh, today I was sad, maybe tomorrow I will be cheerful. And he is sad tomorrow, sad the day after tomorrow. And then he can no longer be happy, as he enters into this role. In the role of a suffering person, a sad person. And then he feels and sees the contrast, when other people open up in the spring.

For example, I ask a person: How did you live in winter?

He replies: I’ve been fighting all winter.

My advice: do not fight with something, but little by little, little by little, develop feelings in yourself.

A person needs to learn that there are no immediate and quick results. Everything comes gradually.

If a person went a path to some negative feelings and emotions, then there is a path to positive ones. And this is also the way to go. Nobody has crossed it yet. When a person approaches this, let’s call it, abyss and realizes that he is tired, that’s enough, he wants to start living well and feel as good as he was a few years ago. I say to this person: let’s turn around and go to the sun, and I will accompany you. He turns and starts walking towards the sun. If you want the sun to shine for you, you must first turn to it.

You need to understand that a person begins to go back, but, as it were, forward, since the path is the same. But on this path, he reacts to the same situations and processes in his life in a different way, not so sharply and becomes freer. And this means that he is already on the right path, he has learned something and is already moving towards the sun. All the situations that he experienced going to the cliff, he will have to recover from the positive side when he goes back to the sun.

When a person is born, he is already heading towards death. The years go by and there is less and less time left. It is very important that a person’s life path has meaning. This means that during the life process he tries to rejoice, feel and enjoy life as much as possible. And, first of all, it means to start loving yourself.

If I get depressed and feel sad in the spring, then I must understand that my brain is tired.

It did not receive enough energy, which means feelings from the heart and soul. So I lived in the process of thinking. I thought I was happy, that I would always be in the mood. But my sources are depleted independently of me, as I spend a lot of energy on various little things like stress and  things I didn’t like.

And then what do I do? I turn on the feelings. I understand that feelings are the priority for me. I start asking myself: how do I feel? Not: what do I think?

And then, going outside and breathing in the fresh air, I ask myself, what do I feel? How nature smells in spring!

You open your eyes and look at the sun and again ask yourself, what do you feel? Warmth and beauty!

What do you hear and how does it make you feel? The birds are singing, the breeze is blowing calmly.

And that’s how I begin to move into the feeling process. And then the exchange of energies between the soul and the brain/mind begins.

A person begins to gain energy from the soul, and then he begins to see everything around “from the soul”.

If he sees everything, or in most cases, “from the soul”, then he does everything “from the soul”. And it feels good. A person can feel unfavorably because he lives on the reserve of the brain, the energy of happiness and joy is depleted, and the person no longer has anything left to feel. And then the brain becomes hungry, angry and aggressive. Depression is, most often, an egoistic disease. Since, most often, people suffering from depression look only at themselves. I feel bad, help me. Or I don’t need help, but I feel bad. Nothing pleases me. I can not sleep. Me, me, me, me. And the fact that it is difficult also for others around him is already indifferent to him. He focuses only on himself.

Previously, this person lived the same way, only at some point this state began to be felt very clearly.

What to do in such a situation? We need to start helping other people. Those who also need a helping hand, or food, or help in everyday life or something else. And do not try to justify yourself by the fact that you feel bad. This the secret, if I can take care of others in this state of mine?

And if I can, people will start to thank me: what a great fellow you are, cool, thank you, what a good person you are! And then I start to feel full. It is the feeling that we are needed, that we are grateful. Then the meaning of life appears. And this goes over to feelings, because people thank you from the bottom of their hearts. And if we cannot help ourselves to activate the heart and soul, then we must help others to do it, to open the heart in our direction. People will be grateful for good deeds or help. And then we stop being selfish. This is the best medicine.

What do meditations and practices give us?

If it’s hard for a person and he can’t get up, then he doesn’t have enough internal strength. It means energy. If he wants to get out of this situation, become even better and brighter and not fall ill with depression anymore, then he must learn to gain energy. This means gaining enough energy so that he has enough for everyday life, for work, for relationships and, of course, in order to have enough energy in reserve. Modern man almost never has energy in reserve.

By practicing, a person begins to get acquainted with his internal processes. A person with enough energy is a happy person.

Through meditation practices, we learn to recognize what we are made of and how to use it. During the practices, you can learn how to strengthen your energy. Feelings can be activated when there is energy. When feelings begin to appear, we will understand that we are going in the right direction. A good, stable psychological state will appear.

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See you soon!

Liutauras and team

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