RetreatsGreat news for Retreat in summer in Liepaja – Latvia!🙂

Great news for Retreat in summer in Liepaja – Latvia!🙂

Liutauras Viktorinas and his team invite you to the Summer Retreat of 2022, which will take place in Latvia in July. 07.11 – 07.21 🙂

The retreat will take place in a well-known place between Šventoji and Liepaja, near the Lithuanian-Latvian border: Pērkones Jūrmala settlement (Pērkone, Nīcas parish, Nīcas county, LV-3473), “Hotel Jūrnieka ligzda”.

We are glad that most of you participated in 2021. Retrite in August and we hope to see you all again and looking forward to those who did not have the opportunity to be together 🙂

Hotel and place of practice:
Jurnieka Ligzda -> http://www.jurniekaligzda.lv/blog/
Address and reference -> https://bit.ly/37mgUSJ

Second settlement for those who will live in the campsite:
Camping Vērbeļnieki -> http://www.verbelnieki.lv/
Address reference -> https://bit.ly/37vSENL (http://www.verbelnieki.lv/contacts).

The remaining detailed information (practice, breaks, meditation times, etc.) will be updated during the first day of the Retreat.

  • Because people from other countries participate in Retreats, the language of Retreats is Russian.

Accommodation and prices available: https://bit.ly/3opOkcn

  • Hurry, the number of residences is limited.

For reservations and other questions, please contact Aija.
aija@riatours.lv, mobile phone: +371 26 104 050

** Reatret language russian.

About Retreats:

OUR RETRACES are spiritual practices that help you break free from the hustle and bustle of yourself. It is an opportunity to restore strength and release the mind from tension. During the retreat we learn to relax, we get new experiences and feelings for the soul, we admire nature, we practice breathing and meditation.

Yoga. During which you will use non-standard movements to revitalize tense and dead micro-muscles, improve blood circulation and cleanse your inner energy with certain movements.

Seminars. During which you will gain the necessary information that will allow you to start practicing from the beginning or strengthen your existing knowledge and reach an even higher level. You will also learn a lot of useful information to help you travel through life with more confidence.

Practice. After the seminar, an internship is waiting for you, together with the help of Liutauras. During the internship, you will use the knowledge gained in the workshop about breathing and meditation. You will learn to relax, you will gain new experiences and feelings for your soul. You will learn to use the supernatural powers you have acquired and brought from past lives.

This will help us to regain the necessary and necessary balance so that we can continue to enjoy everyday life freely.

See you,
Liutauras and the team

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