MeditationPractical meditation and breathing technique from Liutauras
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Practical meditation and breathing technique from Liutauras

We, humans, being a big part of our wonderful nature, look for love and happiness right from our childhood.

But we tend to lose touch with our inner self the more adult we become. We are being affected by stress and anxiety, which inevitably occurs in our life. Some of us start to look for practical advice on how to solve the bothersome situations. We want to improve our physical health and our mental health, and regenerate the energy to perform our daily tasks. Practical meditation courses might be just what you are looking for.

We want to get rid of stress or, at least, to learn how to manage stress levels and be in control of our emotions. Furthermore, we start to understand the importance of taking care of our body, both physical and spiritual. Physical well being directly depends on your state of mind, our thoughts and beliefs. This results in how strong we are and how much energy we have in our tanks to be positive and healthy.

In this article, we introduce our mentor and teacher of practical meditation, Liutauras Viktorinas.

  He is the first man in the world who managed to escape a lethal illness, chronic traumatic encephalopathy of later stage.  That was a miracle, but also a reality. Since then, he has helped hundreds of people to achieve their own life goals. Be it healing from life-threatening diseases like cancer or chronic asthma, saving  a marriage or improving relationships at work, having healthier children or being a positive and all around, rich person. 

Liutauras Viktorinas was born in Lithuania in 1978. Already from childhood his mother noticed that he had something special. Biography of Liutauras Viktorinas is quite unusual. You can read more about Liutauras and his activities on his personal website: www.liutaurasviktorinas.com/

Today he is a known professional spiritual healer and practitioner. His practical seminars and online webinars were visited by thousands of people over a 12 years period. Liutauras and his team organized practical Meditation retreats all over the world in locations like India, Sri-Lanka, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Thailand etc. In all events Liutauras speaks about the scientifically proven facts and also gives a specific and essential knowledge of the energetic and spiritual body of every human being. 

Every theoretical class is followed by practical meditations.

These meditations involve a proven mix of classical ways which source the knowledge from yoga, reiki, zen, vipassana, sound and other meditation techniques and add a good amount of knowledge coming from Liutauras life experience. This starts with learning the composition of our energetic spiritual body. Here we learn where in our body energetic centers exist. Then we learn how to activate them. Liutauras explains breathing and visualization techniques. The session provides knowledge to complete beginners as well as to already intensively practicing individuals. Everything is explained in detail and questions are answered if such arise. 

Below, we attach a picture of the energetic centers or chakras in your body. 

Now let’s introduce a breathing technique called “Sewing a Button”.

It will show how with the help of our mind and visualization, we can reduce or completely remove the stress in a simple day-to-day life. You can put on nice relaxing music you like to compliment. 

Here is the short practical meditation masterclass on how to do it: 

  1. Find a spot on the front side of your neck. Liutauras calls this center: the “Emotional center”. Close your eyes for a few seconds and inhale through the nose. While inhaling, imagine a pleasant light beam coming directly into the “Emotional Center”. Imagine as well something pleasurable, the things you love, the things which make you calm or smile. Hold that breath inside your neck for a few seconds. 
  1. Exhale, through the mouth. Imagine that you exhale through the back of your neck directly on the opposite side. Exhale only the air and leave the positive emotion/visualization inside. 
  1. Repeat the same breathing technique like in the first 2 steps, but now start inhaling from the back of your neck to the front. 
  1. Repeat this process for a few minutes until you begin feeling yourself calmed down. Then move on to your tasks with a clear state of mind. 

Breathing through “Emotional Center” with the “Sewing a Button” technique is easy and  helps  to reduce or completely remove stress in a shorter period of time.

For example, we are waiting in a long line in the bank or get suddenly anxious on the airplane. This is a proven way to help take control of our emotions and reduce the risk of overreacting and doing more damage. 

If you tried this technique, and it helped you in your daily life, we would like to know. 

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