Be kategorijos“Questions and answers” on every Thursday!

“Questions and answers” on every Thursday!

Hello, Dear ones 😊ATTENTION❗️

As Liutauras and his team are not standing still and are only trying to move forward, we are introducing a NEW webinar format🤗🤩From next week, as before, you will be able to log in and listen to a prepared topic, but for you to get as many answers as possible to questions that are bothering you and you can’t find the answers we present “Questions and Answers” Thursdays❗️
Every Thursday, Liutauras will be ready to answer as many questions as possible, which you can submit by e-mail: info@liutaurasviktorinas.com. The answers will be kept confidential and the name of the person who asked the question will not be mentioned. Every listener, even without asking a question, can hear the long-sought answer🧐therefore, we invite everyone who wishes to submit their question (s) and participate in the “Questions and Answers” webinars🤓
After the questions and answers part, the meditation practice with the support of Liutauras will be as usual, so we invite everyone to listen, hear and practice together.

  • Webinar language Russian.

See you!

Liutauras and team

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