OUR RETREATS are spiritual practices that help you break free from the hustle and bustle of yourself.
It is an opportunity to restore strength and release the mind from tension.

  • During the retreat we learn to relax, we get new experiences and feelings for the soul. We admire nature, we practice breathing and meditation.
  • We also do exercises, during which we use non-standard movements to revitalize tense and dead micro-muscles. This improves blood circulation and cleanse our internal energy with certain movements.
  • We begin to see the world around us more widely, to see and hear better and more fully, to receive an unusual and uplifted experience of silence, peace, joy and happiness!
  • This will help us to regain the important and necessary balance so that we can continue to enjoy everyday life freely.
  • Our retreats are trips to places of extraordinary beauty and energy on our planet.

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Forthcoming and past Retreats

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