How to activate self healing program?

Meditation and practice as a most significant means for renewal of internal energy resources, quality of life improvement and raising of spiritual intellect

Seminars of Lutauras help to restore the internal energy flow of a person, which contributes to the elimination of blockages in the main energy centers and channels of a person and thus prevents the development of possible diseases.

Everyone who wants to understand the causes of diseases, learn how to improve their health without the use of drugs, master energy restoration practices and exercises to improve the quality of life, suitable for every day, is invited to participate.

During the seminar, various topical topics are also developed, answers to your questions are given, spiritual and energy practices are carried out with the support of Lutauras.

It helps us regain a necessary and important balance so that we can continue to freely enjoy our daily lives without undue or accumulated stress.

Course of seminars:

introductory part, practice for about 50 minutes, 15 minutes break, then again for about 50 minutes, 15 minutes break – and so on for two days in a row.

Different practices are performed every day, work with different energy centers and channels takes place, and the function of self-recovery and self-healing is activated. If it is difficult for someone to sit down for 50 minutes, you can take soft mats with you to lie on so that you do not have to suffer any discomfort. Lunch break from approximately 14:00 to 15:00.

As people from other countries participate, the language of the seminar is Russian.

Upcoming and past Seminars

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